because I’m sick to death of the discussion.

A marriage is the commitment you make to one another. period.
If you and your partner are really in love, you know that, already. Nothing on earth can change that, ever. if you’re really in love.

Any couple, regardless of sex, deserves the same legal rights as any other couple. This applies as much to Neal and Bob as it does to the opposite sex aging couple living together for convenience who would no more have sex than a tennis ball and a pickup truck.

Nobody is denying gay couples the right to make a commitment to one another, and if anyone does, I will kick their ass.

The issue of marriage, in case you’ve been living under a rock, is about this and this alone: Militant gays want to damage the church because the church will never accept their lifestyle. If you don’t get this, you probably never will.

Through history, if you see a group of people whining to be allowed to join an institution, like a country club, or an all-male military academy, or a basically religeous institution like marriage, their aim is not to be inclusive, but to destroy that institution. Plain and simple. The moment there is nationwide “Gay Marriage” there will be a call to force the churches to allow gay marriage, or be put out of business. This is that road. Want to go down it? I sure as hell don’t.