Walter cronkite, leftist scumbag, serial liar, VC sympathiser, commie, choadsmoker, died today. Apparently there were extra demons digging his pit who had just finished wiht McNamara’s. Helped them finish early.

By all accounts, McNamara’s feet and legs up to the hips are being flayed over and over again in the 8th circle of hell, straddling the rail between the eight ditch (evil counseolors and deceivers) and the ninth ditch (sowers of discord). The rest of him is being forced to drag a mountain of dead soldiers around the first ditch of the ninth curcle of hell,(those who were treacherous to their kindred) using only the tongue that betrayed them, while legions of demons beat his head with the mattell-made butt of the poodleshooter he sent the troops to war with.

Cronkite will be placed in the second ditch of the ninth circle, (those who were treacherous to their country) where he will be forced to use his own foul shit to write the truth of what was going on in Vietnam, and then at the end of each day a herd of thorn cocked former vietcong demons will wrap those painfully written sheets around their cocks like condoms and facefuck him with the truth he was so allergic to during his life, thus providing him with more of his own shit to write with the following day, the truth mocking him in his own handwriting forever. Technology being what it is, hell has installed video monitors which will allow him to see all the boys whose lives he helped throw away resting comfortably with The Lord.

Rot in hell, you piece of shit. Rot in hell forever.