Ricky at NJD talks about shaving with a straight razor in the shower.

He does clarify in comments that he means SAFETY razor; a straight razor in the shower is just stupid.

Here’s my razor:
morris sculptor.jpg

It’s a Morris Sculptor Edge, a narrow bladed razor specifically made to shave up under your nose, around ears, etc. I’ve shaved with this bastard for the better part of 25 years. I did so full-face until I was 35, when I grew the beard I now wear, these days I touch up with the Morris at home and when I’m on the road I use a Bic Metal, because it most closely matches the blade feel.

No, you can’t be shaky when you use it. You can’t be less than 100% alert, and if you are, you’re gonna bleed.

All of this started with Instapundit razorblogging.

Left to my own devices, I wouldn’t shave at all, but I look even more like a neanderthal when I don’t shave, so I have to trim some of it off.

How much do you suppose one of those electroclysis machines cost?