It is so important in life to get the chance to express yourself to your full potential. It is a refreshing and fulfilling experience to let people know how you feel, to spread the word on your opinions, thoughts and feelings.

In life we get up to a lot. Some of us live our lives more than others. Play free bingo, walk the dog, get married and jump from a plane, whatever you choose to do, put your everything into it. Your life and your soul should be imprinted in your every word. I hope you enjoy reading Cash for Codgers.

With the advent of the new ØCare, and the difficulties people will encounter, I figure, why not?

Have a gall bladder that needs to be removed? Stop on by the local clinic- and bring Aunt Edna with you. Doctors will pound some digitalis down her to destroy her internal organs so there won’t be any liklihood of her coming back around to bug you. And you’ll feel so much better, having had your Gall bladder repaired while subtracting an aging consumer from our medical welfare rolls!

here’s a fee schedule that I think will make some sense.

Heart surgery? Two geezers.
Colonoscopy? one geezer or two dogs.
Boob job? five geezers and a bowl of goldfish. And one abortion.
Liver replacement? One geezer and all his clothes, and a cat.

Yours in comments. Inspired by Pascal.