I have, on several occasions, pissed off people and been uncerimoniously de-linked from their websites with malice aforethought.

That’s fine. I haven’t de-linked any of them because frankly, I’m not a six year old, and this is not a playground. And I still love and respect those folks, despite the fact that they won’t bother to admit they’re wrong despite having been proven wrong. Fuck ’em. Feed ’em fish heads. I’m not here looking for traffiic from anyone, if you like what you see and come back, fine. So there are several folks on my blogroll who have no return link. No biggie.

On the other hand, sometime you have to do some weeding, and this is a classic case.

Little green footballs has been slowly morphing into the Daily Kos for a while now, and until today I hadn’t experienced it for myself. No, I won’t link, but on the front page now, a post or two down is a piece on global warming deniers.

Look, you moron. The thermometer is five hundred years old. There have only been thermometers with any degree of accuracy for a hundred of those. Anything before that is a guess.

I had a pissing contest some ages ago with one Charles Fuller, who came here with this little gem of logic: Evolution is a theory. So is electricity, and yet when you flip the switch the lights go on.

This is facile on it’s face, because electrical theory can be tested over and over and over again in real time. Evolution cannot be tested in real time when it comes to humans, because we cannot travel back in time and see what the beginnings were and observe the results. The same is true of global warming/climate change. We have so little data about the actual temperature of the planet that we can only guess as to what it’s temp is supposed to be, and those guesses are by their very nature less accurate than the margin for allowable error.

The idiot at LGF and his commenters are yapping away about how we have cap and trade now (s02) and how it didn’t destroy business (wrong. Wrong in epic, heroic, olympian ways, look at the now almost nonexistent american steel industry) and why this would be any different (Because it is based on utter stupidity, and less gummint control is better than more).

So Buh Bye, LGF. Go fuck yourself with a cactus. Go pound sand up your collective asses, and while you’re at it, take a flying fuck at a rolling donut on a gravel driveway.

Update: Please welcome Joan of Argghh! to the blogroll. I read her blog daily, and it dawns on me that I always have to click on one of her comments to do so. I USED to have a link to her blog, I’m damned if I know why I don’t now.

Anyway, corrected.