Roberta is in the middle of a discussion over what makes people whip out a sidearm and start popping people, and she says it’s not Islam, it’s teh nutty.

No question it’s the nutty that makes people do stuff; as someone who has spent extensive time reading the bible, the koran, the tipitaka, the book of changes, etc. I can very safely say that Islam is designed to seed, culture, nurture, and aim the nutty. It is not painting with a broad brush to say that Islam entreats it’s adherents to acts of violence upon non believers, it is fact to say it. There are some similar entreatments to be found in the old testament, but the core message of Christianity is “Love one another” Sure, a whole passel of so-called Christians get this horribly wrong, and when I see those people I cringe in annoyance. But for rare exception, Christians tend not to fly planes into buildings. While it is true that not all muslims are terrorists, it is demonstrable that the vast majority of people murdering others “In the name of God” are indeed muslims. The Irish conflict happens to be split along catholic/protestant lines, but theology is not at the core of their debate, it is mostly incidental. Jim Jones and his followers killed themselves, not others. Same/same Marshall Applewhite.

Islam does not condemn these actions as every other group would. No Christian would look at what Jim Jones did and agree that it is a good thing. No devout muslim decries any act of islamic terrorism. Islam is toxic to human life, and unless it’s adherents have a (literal) ‘Come to jesus” moment, where a “new” prophet comes along and teaches a message of love, it will always be thus.

Should all muslims be painted with the “terrorist” brush? No. Certainly not. I know some muslims who do not have that in their nature. But if you are in a room with twenty people, and one is a terrorist, if you quarantine the muslim first you will probably be safest, and that isn’t bias, as i’ve said, it’s math.

If you take the time to study Islam, as I have, (Six years in the seminary. We studied every damned thing- and though it was poisonous to me then, it’s an ongoing obsession now) you learn a few things. Where islam takes root, as Geert Wilders said, Freedom dies.

Look, Islam is a peaceful religion. If you’re a muslim. Mostly. Islam is predominantly a way of living, and it’s about treating people decently, about taking care of your family, your animals, your household. And most of the proscriptions in Islam are basically OK, some are actually very nice.

if you’re another muslim.

If you’re not, be prepared to be converted or enslaved or killed, and that’s the way it is. Look at every country where Islam has taken root, and see what living conditions are like there, for the mass of people.

So, Ms Rx, it is unfair to paint Muslims with a broad brush that says ‘Terrorist”. But to paint them wiht a brush that says” potential dangerous kook that should be watched carefully” yes, that’s just fine by me. And it’s mathematically true that if you JUST painted muslims with that brush, you’d have made a pretty safe bet.