One of my very favorite authors, wrote about the insertion, by will of the people, of a total moron into the white house. Elisson reminds us of it here.

The left has been fond of using this comment to apply to W, and it shows the utter ignorance of the left when they do; W piloted, demonstrably, one of the most difficult planes in our air force, a feat that by itself is nearly impossible, but was also able to land one on a carrier AFTER he was president, long past his military days. W was notable for possibly the most dismal US presidency in republican history, but during his watch, there were no terrorist attacks on our soil after 9/11. He also took the war to the idiots instead of letting them take it to us, which was IMO the right move.

The Won probably can’t drive a car. He managed to get through school on a wave of affirmative action, and is now in the highest office in the land due to the action of- as Mencken so aptly puts it- the will of the people.

The people seem to be smartening up. I wonder if it’s in time? Pascal opines that the C02 bs- which is the way they will get Cap and Tax to pass, industries will prefer their odds under cap and tax to the whole C02 clusterfuck and thus it will pass- is the final straw. nah, it’s just another one. THis all started with the designation of secondhand smoke as a carcinogen. All of it is bone-numbing ignorance, but it is not the hill to die on.

It heartens me to see the sarcasm people are directing at Gloebull warmening and the sardonic way they are treating Algore- shit, even John Stewart is taking a swing.

Pascal (the original) made fun of the statist agenda and was able to make change. Everytime you stand in the parking lot at work while the snow pounds down and yell “Where’s my global warming, Algore?”, everytime the internet goes down and you say “Algore is gonna be pissed, you BROKE THE INTERNET!” every time you wait in line at the DMV and say “I cannot WAIT for healthcare to be JUST LIKE THIS!” you chip away at the cheap veneer of this administration, congress, and senate. Snark is a powerful tool, and the more we use it the better off we will be. Plus it’s fun!