Tam posts about monday’s ‘Bill of rights’ day. And she dials up the snark. As is her wont.

The thread has a great deal of merit in it’s very contentiousness. The variety of reactions in the thread and the way people act when confronted with this concept beg the question: What is your line?

Tam talks about popping people (as she says) in the Snot Locker. Well, I’ve popped a few people in the snot locker myself, for a variety of reasons- thankfully, not too recently. In this millenia, though, now I think of it. She has drawn a line on a subject, and I believe she’s not kidding. I’m damned sure I’m not gonna tweak her on the specific subject.

That headed my thoughts in the direction of lines in the sand.

There is a line in the sand, that the federal, local, and state governments can cross, that will cause me to take immediate action regarding my safety and the safety of members of my household. Violent action, if need be.

I know Tam has that line. I know a lot of people have a line in the sand that they have placed their toe on, and they will allow movement to that line, and no further.

I also know people who have drawn lines in the sand, and when they have been crossed, erased them and redrawn a line a little futher along. “Now this line, if they cross it, I’ll be pissed”

Alger has spoken about the creeping, incrimental victories of the left. And when they make very very small movements, the tendency to erase your line in the sand and redraw it a little futher on is great. And maybe, sometimes, a good idea.

The problem with incrementalism is that you suddenly find yourself disarmed, broke, and alone, forty yards behind the line you drew in the sand thirty years ago.

We need to have a line that we will not erase. A point at which the creeping incrementalism must stop, or else. And that is what I’m thinking about now. It may not be a good idea to talk about it on the interweb. But think about it, for yourself, for your family. Where is YOUR line? Will you erase it and move it back an inch or two if need be?