Little shop by the old house, old time traditional Rexall type pharmacy, pharmacist on duty using a speakerphone to answer calls while he filled scrips.

“Hello? yeah I’m having trouble with these damned pills”
“What pills are those?”
“The Viagra. How far in am I supposed to put them?”
“how far…. ! Those are to be taken orally!!”
“yeah, right. Next you’ll be telling me I’m supposed to stick suppositories in my ears. Anyway, these aren’t working worth a damn, they must be defective. And I’m pissing needles!! Couldn’t they make the bastards round? why do they have to make sharp corners on ’em?”
“I think you need to get to the ER pretty soon, mr ___, you might have some problems otherwise”

I had to leave. I was torn between laughing and cringing, and cringing was winning.