Apparently the shooter at Alabama was embroiled in the dark and dangerous world of… Dungeons and Dragons.

Since this is an ivory tower academic, it couldn’t possibly be because she was just a sociopathic nutcase academic who thought of herself as a member of the intellectual elite. Or maybe the gun just did it by itself. No, had to be the D&D.

I look for Tam to start shooting up the folks at Whole Foods because she can’t get any of her favorite Hummus. She does, after all, have a close affiliation with polygonal dice.

No, wait, Tam won’t do that, because she’s not a FLAKY ACADEMIC.

You see, shooting up a conference room, or a 7-11, or a K-Mart, or god forbid a daycare center, doesn’t have anything to do with the availability of GUNS. It doesn’t have anything to do with a propensity for PLAYING ROLE PLAYING GAMES or listening to Alice Cooper or smoking dope or drinking too many mai-tais. It has to do with you being an OUT OF CONTROL WHACKJOB.

And Academia is lousy with them.

Speaking of academics, here’s one I actually LIKE!!!