Side giggage yesterday, and long day today.

I’m in the process of trying to determine which things go well with Marmite. As half of the planet already doesn’t care, and the other half retches at the mere whiff of the yeasty delight, I suspect I’m one of the first people to take this very seriously, at least from a scientific standpoint.

I have been looking hard at the types of food I eat, and trying to see how I can adapt them to Marmite, and these are the results so far.

Toast, of course, and butter or margarine, excellent. I like to put on the butter and let it soak in completely, retoast the toast and then apply the marmite. A pea sized gob about does a slice of toast.

English muffins, not so much. The nooks and crannies lend themselves to jam, but you have to use a lot of marmite, and that is too much of a good thing.

Pizza: There are a couple things at work here. I have added a teaspoon full of marmite diluted in water to the dough, and I’ve been told this is the very best pizza ever; but put on the finished product, no way.

Twinkies. Just because I could. No. I mean, I was prepared for this to be the next “peanut butter/chocolate” thing, and well, just No.

Chocolate: Actually, a tiny dab of marmite in a glass of chocolate milk is extremely interesting. Interesting in a “I think I’m going to hurl, get me a bucket NOW” kind of way.

Cheese and marmite go extremely well together, and the sharper the cheese the better it tastes. A slice or even shreds of cheddar on a sammich with a bit of marmite and a piece of romaine is most excellent. breads, by the way, have to be strong flavored to stand up to the marmite. Vegemite, alternately, has a less strong flavor but the consistency is off.

A little marmite on a cheeseburger, also, is good.

oatmeal: Not so much
Corned beef: Don’t try this at home. Or anywhere, for that matter.
No cereal is improved by Marmite.

Marmite mixed with water is a good broth to cook almost anything in, if it’s meat. I’m gonna try to make some marmite-crusted deer steaks this spring when I can fire up the weber.

marmite is agreat seasoning in chinese or imitation chinese type dishes.

Marmite is a very interesting skin rub for pountry. Not for everyone.

Research proceeds apace, but I have to sneak in the test foods lest I get lynched by the family.