A lot of libertarian/conservative types out there are hopeful about the state of the union based on the current gallimaufry of political stupidity among the left. Some are even smug, believeing that Republicans will run the table, next election.

Nazzo fast Guido, as Herr Alger is wont to say.

The Dems will retake the house and senate and the Won will retain his office, and do so by a wide margin, and they won’t even need to cheat to do so, and I’m gonna tell you how.

They’re gonna make dopesmoking legal. Yes, it’s really a states rights issue, but that hasn’t stopped them before, and it won’t now. They’ll figure a way to do it, and anyone who opposes it will be shouted down by hemp wearing patchouli scented hippies.

me, I could give a shit, but this is how it’s going to go down. There is nothing else that will restore their flagging poll numbers and they know it.