Sampled one the very first day.
A couple things:
KFC chicken is the most horrid fucking chicken on earth. The meat in a Kentucky Duck is the stringiest, toughest old laying hens they can find, apparently, because I’m damned if I ever got a single piece of KFC that didn’t eat like a piece of deep fried jerky. Fried chicken should have a consistency that lends itself to being cut with a fork AT MOST, and the meat should fall apart practically in your mouth. If you’ve never had chicken like that, you need to get your ass somewhere WAY south of the mason-dixon line and get you some real fried chicken. Go somewhere that has black women cooking, and the fatter the chef the better the food. A real fried chicken, you suck the gristle off the ends of the bones and save the bones for later, thinking about how good they’ll taste if you can convince yourself your rectum will survive passing them.

Anyway, KFC’s Chicken patties were not particularly well executed, which is about par for the course. One was stringy as hell, the other barely tolerable.


The idea of using the chicken patties as a “bun” to enclose bacon and cheese, is genius. Sheer, unadulterated, Kentucky Fried Genius.

If you’re going to get one. If you’re going to put up with the stringiness of the “Patty” and eat one of these, and you don’t order a small side of gravy to dip it in, you are a fucking fool. Nuff said.