Marmite doesn’t work on twinkies.

Pipesmoking is ok, but to a cigarrette smoker, the large bowl makes it drag on too long. The Japanese use a thing called a Kiseru, which is a lot like a one-hitter. They still make the things.

People who are about to die, and don’t want to, will fight surprisingly hard.

Having broken the ten commandments, I tried to move on to the 613 mitzvot, but I don’t know where I’d get a caananite slave, or a yid’oni. I can, on the other hand, apparently reverse my circumcision. FGM, unfortunately, remains irreversible. A remarkable number of people still consider the two comparable surgeries.

Home repairs and Schroedinger’s cat share a remarkable number of similarities.

People, having come to erroneous conclusions, will die rather than listen to reason. often, this is the preferred outcome.

Headless, furless mice are icky. I just learned this yesterday!!! And I didn’t even have to experience the ick firsthand to understand the ick.

I loathe argumentativeness. Discord makes me physically ill. Sometimes, though, you have to butt heads, because it’s sometimes possible to get others to open their eyes who stubbornly refuse to see things my way the truth.

Some people are very good at making hard decisions about things that need to be done.. Example: “Og’s a nice guy, and all, but made into jerky he’ll feed us all through the winter” I might not personally like the outcome, but I can respect the reason and the intent. Making hard decisions is a big chunk of life.

If you wait until it’s bone dry to put all your grass clippings and mulch waste and roten tree bark into paper bags at the curb, it will rain that very day.

That very day will also be the very first day of IMTS, and you will stand around in the boiling heat and humidity while nobody does a damned thing until 5:00 and then all hell will break loose.

I have never been interested in accolades, awards irritate me, recognition annoys me, and I shun any anouncement of my affairs good bad or otherwise. Most of the things I do, outside of the meaningless drivel I post here, I keep to myself. Almost nobody knows anything about me at all, and given some prompting, people will line up to criticize me. I find it amusing.

Never make threats. You never know when beavis will show up. I always need some TP for my bunghole.

Wrangler jeans actually fit me. levis do not. Sure, wrangler has the heavy seam on the outside so it makes riding a horse or a motorcycle easier on the skin, but the critical bit is the zipper- the zipper on Wranglers goes down far enough that I can present the equipment without any fear of strangulation. The zipper on the Levis seems to be designed for men whose penis is attached to their bodies in the general vicinity of the navel.