on shooting forums about cleaning, and the fact of the matter is, there is no fact of the matter.

I had my beat up old SKS for ages, and despite me deliberately doing nothing north of swabbing the bore, it functioned perfectly. And I hear horror stories all the time about AR platforms clogging or jamming, and I cannot but believe this is more about other things than cleaning.

There’s a simple soilution that can fix all this.

At IMTS, I was pleased to actually see this, an ultrasonic gun cleaning tank. (The company listed in the ad is a distributor)

No, this is not a consumer grade product. It costs over 4k, and is more suited to things like clubs and PD’s. But man, oh man, does it clean. Of course, they didn’t have any dirty guns to clean in Mordor, but they had plenty of stuff to demonstrate; imagine taking a burned looking nasty piston out of a 40 year old vehicle and having the ultrasonics remove the varnish, grease, and smeg, and make the piston look like freshly machined aluminum in about 20 minutes with no operator intervention.
And you ca put an AR in the tank, stock and all. Open the bolt, and just drop it in. It also has a second stage dip tank that allows you to rustproof (Think Rem oil or similar) the firearm after cleaning (the cleaning solutions are typically caustics which don’t harm blue)