In “A Christmas Story” jean Sheperd recalls the “Daisy Red Ryder 200-shot Range Model Carbine Action Air Rifle” With the compass in the stock and the thing which tells time.(Sundial).

Unfortunately, for those of us in the know, there was never any such thing, except in Shep’s imagination. Oh, Daisy made them, for a while, in honor of the movie (The model is called “The Christmas Dream”) but the original just had the “Red Ryder” brand.

No, the gun with the compass in the stock was a Buck Jones #107, and it was a pump. It was a much better rifle- though it still had a smoothbore it was made a little better, and the “trombone” or pump action made it less cool, in the eyes of a lot of kids. So it wasn’t uncommon for Dads who understood coolness to buy a Red Ryder and order a replacement Buck Jones stock and marry the two; I’ve seen at least one example of this at gunshows. The original stock was rivetted in place, the replacement is usually held on with a 1/4-20 bolt and a square nut, that being what dad’s usually have to hand.

Not too many people know that Daisy provided BB guns to the US government, and those were used in the “Quick Kill” program.