The Arisaka I’ve been playing with for some time now is nearing the end of the line, project wise.

I found a nice three leaf express sight, and removed the funky and cheap Williams sight. The express sight wasn’t going to fit, given its original octagon-barrel base, so I ended up making a ramp to park it on the Ari. Here’s a picture:


I patterned the ramp after the classic Rigby rifles in size, though I don’t have the abilty to make the graceful curves the size and shape is basically the same. I had to buy a little dovetail cutter to fit the sight in. Sorry about the crappy quality of the picture, my camera sucks at close range.

Now all I need to do is silver solder it down, regulate and file the sight, and blue the whole thing. A little stock sanding and some boiled linseed oil and it will be a fine, handsome, serviceable rifle.