Bumped to remain on top

Travis Corcoran has had his firearms license revoked. I’d link to the site but you probably know it well, and it’s getting so much traffic it’s returning a 403 AND a 404 right now. (backstory: He made a dumbass comment about the Arizona shooting. I don’t even begin to agree with it, but it is not a reason to steal his rights from him)

Look: Arlington mass is a town pretty much filled with chowderheads of every conceivable type. Here’s a tour of the town, showing you what you can expect, from the town, and from it’s law enforcement officials. In a word, dumbassery.

So, park this on your blog. Keep it on top.

This is a shot fired at our first and second amendment rights. I, also, am TJIC.


Edited to add: I was so damned hot to get this up last night that I failed to credit Pascal, who originally alerted me to the BS, and Mr B, who provided the linkage and the photograph. Soon it will be everywhere.