And now I can reveal.

My friend Ken is now making leather grips for selected firearms. Here is a sample. Mind the Franken1911, it’s old and tired, and the print of it’s usual ivories shows around the leathers.



You can click to embiggenate.

The black grips have a texture a bit like pigskin. The snakeskin ones are- I think maybe embossed leather, but there are actual snakeskin ones. They are smaller than regular 1911 grips in that they do not cover the plunger tube. They are not suitable unmodified for amidextrous grip safeties. I’m giving this pair to a couple friends to torture test them

The original idea was for these to be merely decorative, and that may be where they end. There has been some testing, though, and some of the people testing them have enjoyed the feel of the grips, and there is some indication they may be more durable than originally thought. So it’s testing time.