After the gunshow, Partner, Ed, and I went to Johnnie’s Round the Clock, and we introduced Ed to the Event Horizon of Suck.

Oh, the food is plenty good, and the waitresses (at least one of them) wears a black velvet skirt that draws men’s eyes to it like a magnet, but the music they play is horrible in a way that can’t be described without mutilation. The Chicken Shish-Kebab was amazing, and the lemon rice above par.

Then, that selfsame evening, we ate at Cafe Borgia It’s a little spendy, but Partner and his gf, Mr B, Midwest Chick, the Oglet, the Ogwife, Brigid, and I, ate there for something just under the national debt of Swaziland.

The Osso Bucco was to die for. The Oglet had a steak that was simply incredible. I’m sure Brigid would have taken pictures of the food, for it was picturesque, but by the time the food arrived it was alll “Flying Fists of Furious Forks” and the food got flayed before fotographs could be procured.(I was trying to work “Fondled” in there somewhere but “Procured was the best I could do) Well worth a trip, if you haven’t been there. I know the lunch specials during the week are a bit more reasonable, etc.