for the Teamsters to get federally mandated fuel subsidies. With diesel selling over four bucks just about everywhere, the truckers will have to foist this basic operating cost off onto customers, and what better way than to have O make it mandatory?

The right is so fragmented that almost every conservative or classical liberal is his own political party of one, and while many will hold their noses and pull ther R lever, every group has it’s own battle cry- ‘I won’t vote for this guy because he’s not Christian enough” “I won’t go for that guy because he’s too Christian” “I won’t vote for anyone who does x, y, or Z.”

Presenting no unified front means heavy losses, almost every time.

The left on the other hand would rather vote in a baby killer, so long as he keeps their subsidies or their favorite program intact. Obama will be a two-term president, and he will be replaced by someone worse. The fragmented, thoughtful right versus the unified, mindless left will always be a losing battle. Pascal will correct me on this, because I don’t know the exact quote- the leaders don’t care if you hate them, so long as you don’t love one another. Can it be that the whole of conservative talk radio is a series of wedges to splinter the right into smaller and smaller groups, each of which has no power against the leviathan of liberal ignorance? Maybe that’s tinfoil hattedness.

But that’s what’s happening.