Partner, Mr B and his bail bondsman Mike, and I, went to my club for a day of recoil therapy.

Many, many holes were made in several targets.

The Arisaka turns out not to be a hand grenade.

it’s clear that Mr B is not a man to stand in front of, at the range.

Partner is still relatively lethal with his match 22, but would probably be amazing had he been able to find the match ammunition. I expect he’ll need to buy some NEW match ammunition, at which point, he will place the new match ammunition next to the old match ammunition. where he can lose it again.

Damn, maybe it’s at MY house. I’ll have to look.

Then we spent three hours making an electrical connection. The 98 sploder had lost a lambda probe (Oxygen sensor) some time ago, and I had replaced it, but the cable was impossible to get to. That’s not hyperbole, by the way, the manual actually says ‘Turn the car upside down and shake”

Well, no it doesn’t. But it does say “replace connector” which is all. Which is like saying “learn differential calculus” as step two of something.

Now the fuel pump isn’t working. So we’re on to that next, but one can only do one thing at a time.

Thanks, Partner, B, Mike, for a wonderful range day. I had a blast.