Look, people: You need credit to do business. Nearly every business has a line of credit with someone, and that line of credit allows you to do business day to day. The point of that line of credit is to be a float; the money that tides you over when the bills come due before payday does.

Our betters in DC have thought of that LC as a way to tax people they haven’t met, yet. they have already taxed the people who are alive as much as they dare, the line of credit allows them to tax people yet unborn.

When the economy grows, the debt limit has to grow with it, under normal circumstances. The debt ceiling has already grown far beyond the what it would need to be if the economy were many times it’s current size,because of the way it has been misused.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad tidings on a Monday AM. By this time next Tuesday, we will be royally fucked, no matter whose pet plan we use to get there.

Is anyone out there still ignorant enough to think this can be remedied by voting?