In case anyone here doesn’t read tam, there will be a blogmeet at the Broad Ripple Brewpub in Indianapolis on Sunday August 28th. Be there or be a parallel perpendicular quadrilateral.

The Indy 1500 gunshow is that weekend. I’m headed down because I’ve been there in the winter and have no particular desire to travel i-65 in the dead of winter ever again. Cripes, it took Partner and I a half hour to pry the seat cushions out of our asses.

Anyway, for this, the last summer gunshow, and the last nice day when we can have a blogmeet, it looks like it’ll be good weather, and it looks like a good crowd will attend. Roberta X commonly organizes these (And a damned fine job she does at that) but this time I’m assuming she threw up her hands and said “Fuck it! YOU do it this time, it’s like herding cats!!!”

Well, no, I can’t imagine R-X saying ‘Fuck it”

UPDATE: Well, shut my mouth, Rx is involved, Tam just took point this time.