Extensive discussion at Tams about Rick Perry and the liklihood that his personal theological beliefs will flavor his decisions should he become President.

Well, shit yes, they will, he’s a human and humans tend to do things the way they want. But the point of the post is that because he’s gone to a few prayer meetings and is vocal about his beliefs, it doesn’t brand him an enemy of personal liberty.

I hate to be seen as defending Perry, because frankly, he has yet to prove himself to me; I am certainly of the opinion that he may be able to do so, but his personal theological beliefs don’t and won’t enter into my opinion of his abilities. As Tam rightfully points out, there is a lot of theocratic saber rattling during the beginning of a campaign, and then the candidates shut up on those points and rarely act on any of them; it’s just political suicide.

As I’ve pointed out, it is the new age religion of environmentalism that is the real bogeyman, because while a newly elected Conservative will forget all those townhall discussions in the deep south about saving the unborn babies, the leftist will NOT forget his promises to his environmental base. I’m in industry- heavy industry- almost daily, and I’ve seen firsthand the damage done to American industry by the Age of Environmental enlightenment.

In fact, until DHS showed up on the scene (Thanks, George, you dumbass) the single largest threat to American Freedom was arguably the environmental movement- the EPA, Cafe standards, yadda yadda (Thanks Dick, you Dick) and as each new liberal has been elected those agencies and bureaus and organizations are given more and more power so that you can’t build a new oil refinery or nuclear reactor (And it’s never for a legitimate reason, always to save some damned lizard or other bullshit) you can’t buy a car without piles of crap made mandatory by bureaucrats and morons, and it’s all in the holy name of the Environment. I’m not the only person who thinks this is the case either.

So no, I’m not in Perry’s camp, at least not yet, and I may never be, so this is not an approval of him, but if you’re going to obsess over the possibility that someones religious beliefs will flavor what they do, worry less about Christians; keep your eye on the Environmentalists.