Sold the zuke to Ed so he’d have a normal size motorcycle to ride; I feared someone I knew would see him riding around on his little dirt bike, and he’d be the laughingstock of morningside heights.

Fact is I never got it running right, and told ed if he could do so, it would make a good bike for him; we eventually discovered there was a sort of a check valve missing, he bought a suitable substitute at an auto parts store for $5 and drove it on down the road. Good for him. I may even still get to drive it, which will be more fun now that it RUNS.

The cost benefit analysis was against me ever buying a $92 petcock for this one, that was for sure, and now that Ed has it he can play to his hearts content; he certainly grinned like a kid on Christmas. it made me happy to have him happy, and it made me happy to be able to get the shed space back. I know he’ll be careful.