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I have a dear old friend in need of help. She has been a work-from-home person for a very long time, and most of that work has involved medical transcription.

In case you didn’t know, medical transcription is now mosly done with Iphones; drs’ dictate into the phone and an app transcribes the spoken words and emails them the result. My friend has been replaced by an app. This has come at a time when the winter heating bills will be pretty bad.

She types, she has some knowledge of HTML, she is capable of doing any number of things but she is, for a variety of reasons, homebound, at least at present.

Anyone who has stuff that needs done, anyone that has any work that someone could do at home, she’s willing to do just about anything. She moderates message boards and has done so for ages, she would be a great personal assistant for someone. In fact I’ve often thought of having her manage my schedule, and I think she could do so for a number of people and not be taxed- answering and screening email, etc. except that I cannot afford much and I would not ask her to do so for free. She has no license and no car, at present, and until she makes any money she cannot improve those situations.

If anyone knows of anything, or can direct her to someone in the Atlanta area that can help her otherwise, by all means contact me at mhardig at aol dot com.