the new GOP bashing commercials from Al Sharpton- you can’t see them on Youtube because a whole host of people have flagged it for removal.

Thing is, it’s the sort of bullshit you expect from Sharpton. Watch TV, and sooner or later you’ll see it, and it will make you sick to your stomach to hear the lies told as truth.

In my life, I have noticed that in order for the Right Beings to pay any attention to me, I have to mind my P’s and Q’s. if I were to lie like Sharpton does, three days later the transmission would fall clean out of my truck, or one of my beloved colleagues would cack and leave me his workload to add onto mine. I’m not sure how Al is handling it, but I expect he’s building up a powerful bankroll of nastiness. I hope I’m not standing close to him when the shitstorm hits.