Ed Hering was discussing in comments the fact that Walgreens were selling leg lamps.

In case there is a human being alive who doesn’t understand the provenance of this item, they originated as a premium from Nehi Soft Drink company which later became Royal Crown cola, the pop that you got free with pizzas. The original leg lamp had a more cylindrical shade, and was a bit… racier. There’s a closer approximation of the real thing visible, briefly, in “A Summer Story” with Charles Grodin and Mary Steenburgen, another of Shep’s films that I’ve always enjoyed. Anyway the inspiration for the actual lamp was this advertisement:


Nehi. Knee High. Get it?

Anyway, the leg lamps at Walgreens were sold out. But they did have a big “poster” sort of thing, a transparent vinyl picture of the item in question, which now adorns the Kitchen window by the door.