My hands are still quite functional.

I still get the occasional twinge, but for the most part, I feel- well, I’m changed. I can use my hands again.

I am back to about full efficiency on the fingertips. I have two trigger fingers, but that’s not a related issue. I hope they do eventually go away. I expect they have something to do with how much typing i do, but at least one is a finger i never use to type.

In any event, the checkup pre surgery, the doc poked my fingers with a straightened out paperclip, and asked me to tell him if he was using one point or two. I could always tell him, so he had concerns about my actual need.

Post surgery, actually a couple months down the lone, he did the same test (You have to look away while they do it) and asked “one or two”? and I said “One is on my index finger, and the end is square cut and sort of the shape of a D, the other on my middle finger has a sharp bur and is flattened. ”

he stopped and I turned to look at him. He was looking at the end of the paperclip with some measure of incredulity. “Now I understand what you felt you were missing”. It’s good to have it back. I’m trying very hard to not take it for granted.