So I’m sitting at an intersection preparing to turn. I’m just waiting for an opening to turn right. A semi pulls up next to me, obscuring my view. Annoyed, I take my foot off the brake and move a couple feet forward- I have plenty of room, and before he pulled up I was confident of an opening, so I wanted to be able to see lest I missed it.

And then the truck lurches forward a couple inches.

The woman in the lexus behind me has run into me. I park the truck and get out. She leans out the window and yells ‘YOU WERE GOING” I respond “Yes. And then I was stopping” She has a nice square Class 3 hitch sized and shaped hole punched in the plastic nose of the lexus, and I ask if she wants a police report. “God no! I’m gonna try to get it fixed before my husband gets back from “Texas!!”

Damage to the Exploder: None.