No big surprise.

Look, Newt is an ass. Everyone thinks he’s extra smart because he uses polysyllabic words, truth be told he’s clearly not playing with a full deck. Still, he’d be a better president that Romney or wingnuthead. Of course, a rancid cat hairball would be a better president than Romney or Wingnuthead. Shit, even batshit crazy Ron paul would be a better president than Romney or Wingnuthead, if only for the fact that being such an outsider would mean he’d have zero support in both houses and never be able to get a damned thing done. Anytime a President can’t get a damned thing done, that’s a good thing.

The Ass Rogering has begun in earnest now. Granted, you can’t fix this by not voting, but voting isn’t gonna do very damned much now, either. Voting not to retain judges and to select your local officials is important, because they can have an effect on your daily life. THAT’s why you need to get to the polling places.

The indiana primary is- IIRC, in May. By then all the lunatics except Paul will have dropped out, and I will probably choke back the bile and vote newt. A Paul presidency would be funny, I’d have blog material for EVER. I’d love to see it for that reason. OTOH, the harm that he’d do would be pretty well insurmountable. The place would collapse even faster than Wingnuthead is making it happen, and it would set back the cause of conservatism 200 years.

God, now the paulites will come out of the woodwork. Guys and gals, just take another hit and piss off.

I was gonna vote for paul
but then I got high
I was gonna make sure he got it all
but then I got high.
Now I’m back in my moms basement
And I know why
yeah yeah
because I got high
because I got high
because I got high.