A good deal of flack about my stand on gay marriage.

The recurrent theme is ‘Don’t they have a right to be happy?”

Well, let me put it to you this way.


Nobody has any more ‘Right” to happiness than they have a “Right” to a bigscreen TV. Happiness is not a guarantee of the constitution. If you think it’s the governments business to make legislation so a tiny portion of the population has their hearts desire, then you are a moron, and you should not vote. You might avoid breeding as well, you’re genes are broken badly and should not be passed on. “but they want the same legal rights as married couples” Fine. Let them fight to get that same legal status, Until they have it, they’re fucked. Guess who else is fucked? Almost everyone. Smokers who’d like to light up where they please. People who’d like to buy a nice diesel in the US. Property owners who’d like to build things on their land but who are stopped from doing so by outlandish EPA restrictions. Get used to it, you morons, life is tough. You want to regulate makiing life less tough just for you? get in line, motherfuckers. A lot more people have a lot more REAL rights that are being infringed, what you want is simply that: A want. To throw kinks and twists and turns into the law so that you can be pleased is like border jumping, it’s an insult to the people who use the system to do things the “Normal” way. “But Og, don’t those people at least deserve the same happiness as married couples?

That comment- which I hear all the time- is high on the list of ignorant things a human can let come out of it’s mouth. Look around you at the married couples you know. Unless you’re living in Stepford, the odds are that all those people have their own problems, and to suggest that gay couples do not is ignorant in the extreme. ” I don’t see what the problem is” The problem is that Gay marriage is not about them seeking happiness, period., it’s about a government mandated wedge, made for a vanishingly small portion of the population, purpose built to destroy the churches who will not accept their lifestyle. “I don’t see that, at all. All the gay people I know are really nice” You don’t see it because you choose to ignore it. ‘og, you’re crazy, None of this is true”

Wait and see. You won’t have to wait long. This is one of the many tools our betters are using (And the most wookiesuited among us embrace it wholeheartedly) to replace Christian faith with the new religions of Political correctness, environmentalism, social welfare, hatred of the rich, and acceptance of the insanely immmoral. Feel free to dismiss me as an idiot. No, being correct is not it’s own reward, it is its own punishment.

Ofr course, bitching about it is what everyone does instead of something, so let me do this: If you’re gay, and you have a commitment you’d like to make to someone, you know- if your love for that person is true- that the commitment needs no recognition by anyone. If you want a ceremony to mark that commitment that is visible to your friends, (A concept which I personally never understood,) I am an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. I will marry you myself, if that is your desire. If it makes you happy, that’s wonderful. And that will show me that your aim is only the commitment between you and your partner, and not the damage you can do to others. Also, if you want all of the rights a spouse would have of legal guardianship etc, I would be tickled to help you achieve that in any way that is possible for me. Hell, if you want to climb up on the dresser snd dive-fuck your partner on the bed…. well, there, you’re on your own- because I don’t give a shit about the mechanics of what you do, so long as you’re not harming your partner, yourself, children, or animals.

BTW I put stepping out on your spouse in the “Harming children” category, FYI.
Also BTW I get the “federal law doesn’t recognize gay marriage so couples can’t file jointly” discussion as well. Look, if you’re making enough money that not being able to file jointly is a legitimate financial hardship for you, you’ll get no sympathy here. Look at the tax structure and calculate the difference, it doesn’t seem to me as if it makes any appreciable difference until you get into the 400,000 income area.

That’s my soapbox for this week. Now fuckoff. I’ll see you at the range when it gets warm again, lord knows I need some percussive therapy.