I really, really really like how you can push one pin out and have a look right down into the action of an AR, and see that all the bits are where they are supposed to be, and working the way they’re supposed to. I like how you don’t need any tool other than a fingernail to take the bolt apart.

I like how you could conceivably have a selection of uppers fitted for different calibers and uses and just stick the one you want on the rifle that day.

I like how the geek world has flooded the market with all manner of different accessories and parts so you can customize these suckers in about any way you could imagine.

Yes, there are many ideas “Borrowed” from other firearms, but this is the culmination- mechanically, anyway- of about all the best all of them had to offer.

I’m still a traditionalist, and will always be. I like the wood stock on my M1 Carbine. I love the way the K31 feels in my hands. I prefer shooting the double and the leverguns to almost anything.

But I know something well made when I see it.