I will never claim to be an expert on the AR platform, and i do not aspire to. I AM an expert in manufacturing, and I understand how it’s done, having seen all the ways it can be done well and poorly over the last twenty years.

I have tried, without going into too much detail, to describe the critical manufacturing processes, and how, at least in my opinion, the AR platform has revolutionized firearm manufacture. I have also tried to dispel some of the myths I kept hearing. The number of idiots out there with files and dremel tools trying to make silk purses out of sows ears increases every day; it’s getting to a point where there are only a very select group of people from whom I would consider buying a used firearm. With shows on tv like these idiots, the bubba-izing of American firearms will only get worse.

I have an essex frame 45 that I like to shoot. it’s a nothing gun, worthless to anyone but me. I’ve done a lot of mods to it to make it comfortable to my hand, and it is. Back when I shot a lot, I shot until the damned gun rupped the web of my hand. I tried a beavertail safety, which made it worse. Finally, I bobbed the safety, which has made it a dream to shoot, and have a fairly fine checker on the mainspring housing, and smooth ivory grips, so it doesn’t turn my hands to meat when I shoot it. Yes, it’s bubbaed, but it’s bubbaed for me, and I never expect it to be worth anything. And I didn’t make those mods claiming that made it a super ninja assault weapon with headshots+3

To the scads of bubbas out there “Sporterizing” nice old krags, or enfields, or springers, to the guys taking shop lathes and files to their AR uppers, to the guys filing the sears down on their 45’s or messing wiht the extractors on their old Westernfield 22’s: You should tag that puppy when you’re done, so someone doesn’t come along and kill themself with your stupidity. And remember each time you hack off the stock on an old Mau to make an iffy sporting rifle, you make the baby Jesus I cry