on this post, with an awesome picture, wherein The Armorer opines “Puppies are part of our tribe.”. My comment:

There are those who think that it is the Opposable thumb that gave us tools and therefore the ability to become civilized. But other animals have opposable thumbs, and they didn’t come to rule the planet. It is my opinion that early Man was able to hunt more effectively because he cooperated with Dogs. The dogs speed and senses gave it an edge, and mans tools gave him the ability to take down larger creatures than the dogs would.

I don’t think man- as we know him- exists without Dog. I think Dog is a gift given to us by the Creator to pry our lazy asses out of the trees and do something. With a readily available source of protein you could spend a very small portion of your day getting fed, and the rest of the day doing- well, something else.

I pet every dog that will let me. My species owes them a great deal.