said on Roe and Roeper yesterday that the whole F&F obfuscation is smokescreen to keep focus off the economy.

He may very well be right: might I suggest to the dorks in DC, and what minuscule media we can influence: It’s the economy, stupid. Stop fucking with thise deck chairs. After we win the election we can clean Holder’s clock for him, preferably involving rope.

Update: From comments at John Venlet’s pace, just so it doesn’t get lost:

The mainstrem media has been touting the “recovery” for ages now, and won’t stop. Even when it’s obviously in the toilet, they still use the word “Recovery”, as in ‘Stalled recovery” or “Slow recovery” so as to make sure all the apparatchiks know that it is, in fact, a recovery, and that it is Obama’s recovery. As far as they’re concerned, things are going well, and always have been.

Indeed, all the conservative outlets have been doing as they have been instructed and ignoring the economy in favor of the Holder story, and the white house will keep waving that red herring as long as it gets play. Last several days it has been all Holder, all the time, and not one commentator has said bubkhis about the economy.

By now Holder et al would have had plenty of time to hide whatever they had that was incriminating. What has happened, I’m willing to bet, is they have found some feeble and tenuous link back to the previous administration, somehow. And it will be released at the moment when they can use the media thats completely in the tank for them to make all of conservatism look petty and partisan.

In the meantime, it’s doing exactly what the White House wants it to do, which is to make conservatives see red and completely ignore the Economy, which is what will get Obama thrown out.

I’m all for seeing justice done, and I’m all for seeing these people lined up against a wall, and the more the merrier. We have to keep our eye on the first principle, which is to get rid of Wingnuthead. Once that is done, we can leisurely drive Holder and his clan into the ground, and hopefully really pressure him to take as many with him as he can. If we don’t concentrate now, on getting rid of Obama, this will never, ever happen.