I asked several people, “Why is it that you blog?”

I got several answers to this. One came with a lot of explanation and it very simply meant “I am so smart, and what I have to say is so important, that I feel a responsibility to get it out there that you plebes might benefit from my wisdom” The people in question were suffering from what is known as “Denial”. You can find them now, very easily- they allow no coments on their blog. Not all blogs with no comments are like this, but you’ll know the ones when you see them. Some did and still do allow comments but the comments are heavily moderated and only the sycophants allowed through.

Another pretty common answer distilled down to “I hope to change the world” People who thought by explaining things carefully they could convince other people of the error of their ways. That trick never works.

And then there were the people who blogged because they enjoyed it. And that is still the category I fall in to; I blog because blogging, for me, is like going to a banquet or dinner party where there are a lot of friends and people you know. Most of them are like minded and most of them are good conversationalists and you enjoy all the conversations and sometimes you participate and sometimes you just hover over the bean dip, and listen to what everyone else has to say.

I blog for my own enjoyment, but having the commenters I do, is like going to a get together every day with a bunch of damned nice people, and a few total assholes. Even the assholes, most of the time, are welcome. They make the party interesting.

Why do you blog?