The median income in the US is about 50K a year. THe average income of Chicago teachers is over 70K a year.

Teachers who are not accountable to anyone.
School dropout rates are near 50%
Its nearly impossible to get rid of a bad union teacher
They don’t work three months out of a year.
If they do get summer jobs their income, of course, increases.
Money they pay in union dues finances the campaigns of liberal hacks.

This is all- as others have commented- Kabuki. Rahm couldn’t just give them what they wanted because he would look like the scumbag he is. He had to let them go on strike so he could say “They’re holding our children hostage!” (Not his, mind you, they go to an expensive and exclusive school. Don’t want them to mix with the wetbacks and schwarzes in the public school) Now that they’ve had a couple days of strikes they’ll “Come to an agreement”. And he’ll be able to say ‘They had me over a barrel, this was FOR THE CHILDREN!” And he’ll claim victory because he gave them only 20% instead of the 30% they asked for, but since the system is already stone broke, they will be unable to foot the bill, so guess where your taxes will go? Oh, and one of the things they’ve already given up is the right to cut pay or benefits if the budget isn’t there to provide them.

When criminals fight with criminals over YOUR paycheck, guess who wins? Everyone but you.

Horsewhipping would be a kindness, I’m telling you,