The CTU has decided to go back to work.

Basically, the fight was not over what’s good for the students, but a head butting contest between a sperm whale and Gollum over which agency is going to assume central control.

As usual, the taxpayer is the loser. And that was always going to be the case- the school district is heavily in the red, and this just makes that worse. None of this will change- none of it CAN change- until the educational system is replaced with something that works. I expect the internet will eventually take over educating our children, for several reasons:

1: It’s everywhere.
2: It has all the information at it’s disposal
3: It can be monitored by individuals. You might have a bit more control over what content your child is being subjected to, and frankly, in the public school system that’s a crapshoot at best.

This can’t happen, won’t happen, until the public school system is replaced by force, or it collapses under it’s own weight. If this happens, it will take generations of children down with it.

I expect the best possible solution would be for the rural communities to begin this process, to “Share” teachers and educators among districts, and get kids an education possibly better than they would otherwise; to stealthily take the educational system out of the hands of government before they know it’s gone.