At Smokin’ US 30 Dragstrip!

I was coming back from a job late monday morning in Valpo, and coasted to a stop at Rt 51. I sat there long enough that I had listened to a couple sentences by Rush, and WHAAAAAAAAAA past me in the left lane comes a cement truck, blowing through the light at around 60, so far as I could tell. Pedal to the metal, no effort to put on the brakes, no brake lights, no horn, even, to warn oncoming drivers. Of which there were several, and thank GOD they weren’t alert enough to- you know, actually MOVE when the light turned green. For once, being on their cellphones instead of paying attention to their driving had saved their lives.

I caught up with the truck in question four stoplights hence, and wrote his truck number and license plate on my hand; once I got back to the office I called his dispatcher and let him know what happened.

If you’re driving a Kia and you blow a redlight, there’s gonna be a lot of shit spread over the highway and some people might get seriously hurt.

There is no argument you can have with a fully loaded 5 yard cement truck that ends well.