Why don’t we start making fuel lines for gas powered equipment out of materials that are NOT AFFECTED BY GASOLINE!!!!

Really. The chainsaw crapped on me last weekend, and i discovered it was because the BLOODY FUEL LINE had deteriorated INSIDE THE TANK.

Now, I know that the TANK ITSELF has not failed, so it is CLEARLY POSSIBLE to make something immune to gasoline, why in the HELL do we make the fuel lines out of crappy materials? And if we must persist in doing this, why do we make the fuel lines NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to access?

So I bought a new piece of tubing AND THEN HAD TO BUY ANOTHER PIECE OF TUBING THE CORRECT SIZE, and installed it in the place prematurely vacated by the previous piece of tubing. Which is sort of like taking off your girlfriend’s bra through the porthole on a ship while she is standing on the shore. And you can only use a sofa cushion and a canoe.

Anyway it’s all back together so I hope to see how it runs tomorrow.

Stupid bastards.