The Nazis had organized a very “Special” olympics, (No, not that kind of special olympics) to show the world how superior were the Aryan race. Unfortunately, they didn’t count on Jesse Owens.

Somewhere in Germany at the time, was a guy named Adolph- though his friends called him Adi. He made shoes- specifically, track shoes, lighter and grippier than anything else available at the time. He figured Jesse was a shoe-in for the title, so he asked him if he would wear his shoes during the olympics for purposes of publicity. Jesse did, and Adi wanted to put his name on them so everyone could see his little bit of free advertisement. The shoes were too small to put his whole name (Adolph Dassler) on them, so he abbreviated it, Adi Das.

And now you know, as it were, the rest of the story. (with apologies to the late, great mr harvey)