Who I have always referred to as ‘That hideous frog” because of all the people to have played him, he is the ONLY cyrano de bergerac never to need a fake nose, is leaving France. (well, there was Janeine Garofolo, but it was her soul that was ugly and not her nose)(Hell, even Toshiro Mifune wore a fake nose as Heihachiro Komaki in ‘Samurai Saga”)

Anyway: Depardieu hands over his social security card and passport to move to belgium, and escape France’s confiscatory75% tax structure. A good idea, for him. Do you suppose other, less famous people will be allowed to do the same? And will others allow them sanctuary? What happens when everyone has the same confiscatory nonsense, where do you go then? When will we realize we must kill the beast outright or at least starve it to death?