and his kid is in trouble. He’s in the kind of trouble that it may be impossible to extricate himself from. Your friend’s kid is going to take the fall for soemthing he didn’t do, and you know that.

Money might help, maybe, so you go to the bank and withdraw your 401K and your kids college funds and put it in a cashier’s check and take it to your friend. He looks at you with tears in his eyes, and says “No. I will do this on my own, and my son will face this on his own. But you are a real friend, and I will remember the offer you made me this day” He didn’t accept your offer, just as the Lord chose not to accept the offer of Abraham.

This is the difference between offer, and sacrifice. You offer your money to your friend, willing to make the fiscal sacrifice it will entail. It is the offer that is critical, the willingness to make the sacrifice, not the sacrifice itself. THe fact that you were willing to offer your friend your lifesavings to help him, though the help you offered would devastate you. it may be hackneyed, but it truly is the thought that counts.

The Lord of Abraham and Isaac made it clear that he desired Abraham to OFFER his son. And he did, freely, and willingly. The Lord of Abraham tested the whole human race on that day, in the land of Moriā€²ah, and did not find them wanting. As long as one man, chosen by God, was willing to offer everything he valued to the Lord, then the Lord did not despair of the whole race. This is as much a test and as important a test as the flood, because from that moment on, had Abraham withheld Isaac, the Lord might have actually abandoned us. Instead he gave us HIS only son, to be the last sacrifice.

In a time when people are sacrificing their children in “Gun Free Zones” to appease the false god of safety, we need to be reminded that the man whose birth we celebrate tomorrow is the last human sacrifice to the Creator, a covenant between humans and the Lord who created us.