No, not at the Friars club, a prime rib. I used this recipe from the Internet chef Chef John. I had not done a prime rib before, so I had no real idea what to expect.

The recipe calls for the roast to cook at 500 degrees for 5 minutes for every pound oif weight. I did that, and it was pretty scary turning off the oven after 26 minutes.

The website linked to in the video reccomends using a thermometer left in the roast, so I went and got a griller’s thermometer, and stuck it in.

The temp at the end of the “Cooking” was still only 77 degrees, but it started creeping up, and in an hour and a half it had run up to the prerequisite 125- I even let it go past to 135 degrees, before pulling it.

The Au Jus was a failure, I needed a pan I could deglaze properly. Otherwise, the roast was incredible, especially for a first time effort.

Art Garfunkle, you say? THe outside of the roast was coated with butter, and since I didn’t have any herb de provence I used what I had on hand; parsley sage rosemary and thyme.

I’ll be at work this week, or at least part of it, becuase shut up.

I wish I had been able to avoid it but I cannot, dammit. So no more hunting for me this year. Maybe I can get in a little turkeying in April.