I think it is safe to say, if you decide to go apeshit and shoot up a white hen, or a school, or a post office, your cheese has definitely slid off your cracker. Sane people simply do not arrive at a point where firearms are a solution to any problem except “I don’t have enough firearms”

Not much is being said about the mental health aspect of the situation by anyone in the MSM, but they are focusing on guns plenty enough.

So: What do you do if your particular “issue” is the one that is causing the problem? You try to pass of the blame to someone else.

Since “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” it has been bad form to “Mistreat” people with mental issues. “They’re just differently sane” or “They march to a different drummer”

if it became the norm to look at people in the light of who might need a check up from the neck up, a powerful lot of things would probably change. Your brain has to be wired wrong to think that violence perpetrated on the innocent is a solution to anything; your brain has to be wired wrong to think that doing something stupid- like creating victim-rich environments- should be doubled-down on, is a good idea. Savage has already pointed out that liberalism is a mental disorder. If we started looking at people with mental disorders and treating or confining them, it wouldn’t be long before we got to Liberals, and frankly, there aren’t enough institutions in the world.

OK, maybe France.

Still: This seems to all click into place for me. Anyone else? Blame the guy with a gun because the nutcase is kida like me and they might look at me next.