No, really. Just shut the fuck up. Now more than ever, don’t go shooting off your mouth about what you’re gonna do when the apocalypse hits, or whatkinda ammo you’re gonna use and why, yadda yadda. I mean it, just shut the fuck up.

Make a point of having those conversations- if you must- in meatspace. Make a point of having those discussions with people you absolutely trust, and nobody else.

There are three federal agents (To my knowledge) who read here regularly. I know them all personally, and I know them to be the very best of people. I also know that they know things they can never discuss, and they can never share, and it’s a moral burden to them, but it is their job. Here’s what your job is: To live. To survive. To procreate, even, if the time comes, because the morons are procreating at an alarming rate while the normal population dwindles.

As a nation, we have survived far worse than this bullshit. And it is important that we survive it now. Keep your head down, watch your six, be prepared, and SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT.