Jim Edwards, better known as Jake Hartford, died this last weekend.

Jim was the producer of the “perspectives” segments done by Walter Jacobsen for ten years, and is an old voice in Chicago broadcast media. Lately he’s been doing the 9:00 slot with John Kass, one of my very favorite Chicagoans.

Jake was one of us, for the most part, a voice of sanity and reason. We don’t have many left. Now I will never hear his biannual bit about the ludicrous time change.

“Hartford got to trot out one of his favorite jests each spring and fall, when he would purposefully confuse callers about which way to turn the clock during daylight saving time. His joke was that it was only logical to “spring back and fall forward,” insisting that when you push a spring, it springs back and when you fall, you fall forward, Alexander said. Without fail, listeners would call in to let him know he was mistaken, Alexander said.”