I have a pack in my car that goes with me everywhere. it has a clean shirt and a clean pair of pants in it. it has some clean underwear and socks. Simple toiletries. A decent first aid kit. Enough of my prescription mdications to keep me through four or five days. A wool blanket. An army mess kit. An emergency shelter.

I have often had opportunity to live out of this pack on the road, but until last hunting season, never had any opportunity to actually camp out of it. So I found the things that were missing.

I had a mess kit, sure, but what was I going to cook, and how was I going to cook it? I had spam. I was able to fry some spam, and that worked OK. I was also able to peel and slice up some prickly pear, which was also ok. And I fried up some Aldi corned beef hash.

But I really needed some oil. And it would have been nice to have some salt, and pepper. Maybe even some garlic powder and coriander.

With not too much more than I had on hand, I could live pretty well, but I could eat like a KING if I had had a little oil and some spices.

I’m not talking about Sam Gamgee, hauling his whole damned kitchen with him, just a few extra things. I have already gotten an unbreakable bottle for about 6 oz of oil, and some little stacking containers for salt, pepper, garlic, etc.

What would you bring, to cook?